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Natural places in Japan

NRT The gate of JAPAN
KIX Kansai International airport [kanku]
KIX Kansai International airport [kanku]
Kansai International Airport [KIX]
Three large airline companies share domestic flights. Their routes are concentrate from Tokyo to large cities.Recentry two company add to domestic flights. But their destinations have be restricted.Commuter among local airports are only few.
Using train is common manner for traveling between near places. For this purpose Japan Railway companies wiil be contributed.they operate express like a Shinkansen and local intercity trains.You can know more about on the Web of these company.
In some area such like Osaka you can also use private railway company.But I haven't collect these information, You should seek other source for touring.
Haneda airport
Tokyo International Airport
  • All Nippon Airways [ANA]
  • Japan Airlines [JAL]
  • Skymark Airlines
  • Haneda airport
    Narita International Airport
  • Shin Tokyo International Airport (Narita:NRT)
  • Kansai International Airport (Kanku:KIX)
  • Tokyo International (Haneda)
  • Japan Railway [JR]
  • JR East
    JR Kyusyu
    JR Hokkaido

    at Osaka
  • Youth Hostel
  • Countless resevesion service sites for tourist can be found. I didn't confirm them whether they will accept request from out of Japan.
  • Nikkanren
  • yadokari
  • Japan Hotel system
  • Japan Inn Information Service Inc
  • Yado net
  • Japan Travel Bureau, Inc
  • Geographical Maps
  • Geographcal Survey Institute [English version]
  • Mt.Fuji
    Maps and Geographic Information

    It is common to use 1/25.000 scale geographical map for mountering in Japan. These are printed by a gaverment's branch GSI.Generaly to say,All maps must be in stock at large book stores in Tokyo.However,It is difficult to get these maps in country side.You should mind.
    Mountaineering Maps
    mountaineering_maps.gif Syobunsya(Map publisher) Yamakei(Publisher)
  • Syobunsya [Map publisher]
  • One of the biggest map publisher in Japan.Maps published by them spred varius pourpose.A serise of mountering map is most widly covers mountains all over Japan.
  • Yamatokeikokusya [Publisher]
  • Several kinds of mountain related books are published from the company.Since they have long history,Number of their titles is huge. On this site,You are possible to search their books and purchase them.
    Online Maps
  • mapion.
  • Regional Government
    Iriomote:located near the west tip of Japan.
    Hokkaido:Northern island.
  • Nippon-Net home page
  • Weather forecast
  • Provided by Yanmar Diesel Engine Co.
  • You will feel strenge that diesel engine company provide whather information. It is reson of this,short TV program onaires in evening sponsered by them.This program has continued for very long period. I remenber that I watched their wheather forecast even in primary school age.So every Japanese must be know about this program.
    Johmonsugi:The oldest creature in Japan.
    Online book store
    On urban areas,There are some big book store. They have several floor for varius kind of books and they sell forign books too.Even these large store can't cover all titles published in Japan. In current, the ratio I got book on e-shop is incresing.So still information on the paper have power for us.
  • Kinokuniya English page
  • Kinokuniya is one of the largest book store in Japan.Online division is also well known.

    In Association with
    Needless to say.It is the most famous online book store. アソシエイト
    Japanese branch of was estblished.And they started the shop in English.
    Other sources for tourist
    Onsen: Hot spring
    Onsen:Hot spring.
  • Yokoso Japan Yokoso means welcome.
  • Japan Travel updates Japan Natinal tourist Organization
  • Japanese Guest Houses to stay at ryokan (traditional Japanese inn),this site will help you.
  • World Travel Guide -Japan
  • Japan Travel Bureau Internatinal Travel Division
  • Search Engines
  • Links to Search Engines

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