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In this site,I exhibit my photographs taken at somewhere in Japan. To click an image,You can see more photographs of the same location. My favorite photographs of scenic places or wildlifes are only exihibited here. If you want to see more locations,Please visit my other pages.

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My most favorite places
Yakushima Biei

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YakushimaYakushima Island Yakushima monkeyYakushima Monkey HokkaidoHokkaido
OzeOze KinunumaKinunuma OkuNikkoOku Nikko
Mt. FujiMt. Fuji Iriomote islandIriomote Island
Map_Japan.gif Hokkido Oze Mt.fuji Odaigahara Yakushima island Amami island Iriomote island Hokkaido Oze Oku Nikko Fuji Odaigahara Yakushima Amami island Iriomote island
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