My recomendation of this area is Biei.
  • Daisetu
  • BieiAfter hard efforts to enlarge farming areas,There are many plantations spread out the hills. The mosic colored stripes which depended on plant farmed there wrapped over the hills are subject of tourism.
  • Soun gorge
    The River Ishikari is a representative of HokkaidoD At Asahikawa,The river goes up to Mt.Daisetu. Along the stream a hundred meter height continuaus rock wall stands.
  • Tennin gorge
    Another branch of The Ishikari river which goes up south east is Chubetu river.Tennin gorge is the stream of the river,and the terminus of the road for the gorge,there are four onsen hotels. Hagoromo waterfall which has over two hundred meter height is thereD
  • Mt. Tomuraushi
    Far from main peaks of Daisetu mountains,A quiet trail started at Tennin onsen reaches Mt.Tomuraushi.
  • Mt. Ashibetu
    Ashibetudake is a peak of the Yubari mountains which located near Furano city.You can clime the mountain with day trip and can be see a deep valley runs down from the summit makes delightful spectacleD
  • Hidaka
  • Mt. Apoidake
    A small mountain near the Erimomisakicape is Apoidake. Relatively easy trail must give you a comfortable intermission of the sightseeing of Hokkaido.
  • Erimomisaki cape
    South tip of the area is Erimomisaki known with blowing strong wind and Zenigata azarashi (a kind of seal) habitat.
Biei Mt. Ashibetu
Tomuraushi Sounkyo
Tomuraushi Sounkyo
Map Tenninkyo Souunkyo Tomuraushi Ashibetu dake Biei Apoi dake Erimomisaki Asahikawa(Japanese)
apoi Erimomisaki
Apoidake Erimomisaki
Asahi Bridge (Asahikawa)The Entrance of this area is Asahikawa located the center of land Hokkaido. Asahikawa is the second biggest city of Hokkaido which has developped at the branch of Ishikari river and now population is over 360 thousand.
Going parallel with river is common way taking deep into unknown wilder area. Here was a terminal for early visitor in Hokkaido, since the upstream rivers from here didn't easy to climb.
During the modern history of Japan, A small town Asahikawa had become a base of military act and provided the step for farming in the north Hokkido. A rail way had been reached yet on early reclamation period in Hokkaido. The town had got a role of the entrance for visiting the inner lands of Hokkaido.
Now, flights from several airports over Japan are available, although international flights are schudled too. Frequent direct flights to Asahikawa airport are given for visitors who departs at Tokyo. Raillways and highways connect to the other cities in Hokkaido. Asahikawa must provide a convenient base while you planning sightseeing tour in Hokkaido.
Behind the city, volcanic mountains Daisetuzan is sit. The main peak of the mountains called Asahidake is knwon as the highest point of Hokkaido, although this elevation is only 2290 meters. Around the mountains,the largest natinal park overspreads.
You will be able to know so many sightseeing resources are over this area.

Daisetuzan National Park
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