• Wakkanai
    Wakkanai which located on the north fringe of Hokkaido has a role for the center of Dohhoku sightseeing . The northest point of Japan is assigned to Soyamisaki cape which can be approched from the Wakkanai. And ferry to two islands on Japanese sea departs from the port Wakkanai.
  • Rebunto island
    The Rebunto which has crab claw shape located west of the city Wakkanai. This island has many hills and well known with a trecking path which needed 8 hours walk being along the west seashore line.
  • Rishirito island
    Another island of the north Hokkaido is Rishirito which characterized having a conic mountain.From the west shore of Wakkani,This island is seen as a mountain floating on the ocean.

Rebun island


Rishiri island

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