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Lake Kussyaroko

Lake Kussyaroko seen at the Lake Masyu. The Volcano Kawayuiohzan is raising smoke.
Kussyaroko Sunayu
Lake Kussyaroko has 57km shoreline, which on the crater made by volcanic activity.It's the 6the largest lake across Japan. I wanted to cycle around shoreline of the lake. But it's larger than my planning,I had time for visiting only east half of the lake at where some hot springs are spouted. This picture was taken at the Sunayu (means Sand spa),In which hot water spring out from the sand beach of Kussyorko.
From the south tip of the lake,The Kusiro river flows out. After 150km travelling from here,the river flows into the Pacific Ocean. The river mouth of the Kushirogawa
Wakoto spa
A open sky spa at Wakoto hanto which is the small peninsula jutted out into the south border of the lake. You can take a bath which likes a pond shared shoreline of the lake with out charge.However there is no wall.

Kawayu iohzan

Kawayu iouzan
Active volcano Kawayu iohzan located on the east direction from the lake Kussyoroko which gathered many sightseeing coaches. Since the word ioh means sulfur, the name points just sulfur mountain in kawayu. You can see it just blowoff from the earth in close.
Since large part of hot springs (onsen) of Japan are related volcanic activity,The smell from sulfur dioxide must be familiar for Japanese tourists. Boiled eggs (Onsen tamago) were sold just after boiled with onsen.

Lake Masyuko

Masyuko is a well-known as the foggy lake for sightseeing,but not infrequently you can meet the lake. There is two viewing decks on the west shore of the lake,although 3rd minor deck is existed at the north east part of the lake. The 1st tenbodai(means viewing deck) located at the south tip is everytime busy with many sightseer. Scenery contrasted Mt.Masyu and a small island floats on smooth lake water can be seen by here. In high seasons,some schudled buses departed at the JR Kawayu onsen station are available.
I visited 2nd deck which 2km apart from the 1st deck. There is another good scenery of Mt.Masyu.Since not many tourist visiting here,You will enjoy the pretty spectacle with quiet.
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